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Scream Free?

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Years before I had children I saw this book at Target and it immediately appealed to me:

Screamfree Parenting: The Revolutionary Approach to Raising Your Kids by Keeping Your Cool

It offered some common sense in regard to parenting and children and trying to keep calm even when your nerves are fraying at the edges because you’ve been up since 5 am. I found the part about teaching your children that there are consequences to their choices and actions most inspiring.

Since I did read it a while back, it was of course all theory, but I go back to it again and again trying to internalize the idea that raising our children should not and does not have to be a struggle or battle of wills. After all at the end of the day all we want is for our children to become responsible functioning adults, oh and to eat SOMETHING besides cream cheese on a spoon for dinner.

I highly recommend this book, even if you don’t have kids yet, since it’s more about internalizing the message and letting it become your way of life.


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  1. I’m sure the “cream cheese on a spoon for dinner” comment is purely hypothetical! šŸ™‚ Thanks for the recommendation – sounds like a very helpful book.


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