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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Family Budgeting: You are not alone

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I used to be like you, thinking that if I don’t check my bank account, I won’t have to worry, and somehow things will work out. And guess what, things don’t just go away because we don’t want to deal with them. I always figured “I will just spend less” and I won’t go into debt. Well guess what? I didn’t know how much I was actually spending, so that ”less” was just a generalization and not an actual amount. And month to month, year to year, not only was I not minimizing my debt, it “somehow” increased, and all of life’s “unexpected” expenses started burying me further into debt. I was way deep into it and didn’t see any light of ever coming out. It was incredibly frustrating as it wasn’t like we were spending lots of money on going out to movies or restaurants, it was solely going on bills and payments and insurances and mortgage.

Word of hope: It may seem bleak now and it will take time but at the end you will be in a much more balanced place both emotionally and financially.

Managing household finances can be stressful if you’re already juggling other “hats”. You don’t always have the time of day to sit and file bills or even open envelopes. Months can go by and suddenly you realize you haven’t paid a utility bill in a while and then you discover you have two or three payments backed up and you can’t pay them now all at once.

If this sounds familiar than there is help and it comes free…

Stay tuned to my next article “Family Budgeting: Addiction and Rehabilitation”


New support blog for parents of kids who don’t eat

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So not really a new blog, just using this one to address this subject. I have two toddlers, one is 4 and was never a good eater and one is 2.5 and is most of the time not a good eater (unless his sister is not around in which case he eats just fine – SHOCKING I know…).

In any case last night my darling 4 year old ate olives and three biscut cookies for dinner – I KID YOU NOT.

What do your kids eat for dinner?

If you’re kid is like mine (or worse? is that even possible?) then have no fear – she seems to be growing…