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Don’t Buy Me!

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As we are coming up on a weekend I thought I would give some tips on saving in the food department. If you are like me, living in a country with barely or no food coupons then here are some tips for saving at the supermarket – sometimes it’s what you DON’T buy.

  1. Bring and stick to shopping list only – money saved: 20% of your total bill!
  2. Bypass the cereal section. Most cereals are NOT healthy for you and rarely keep you going until Lunch or even snack time. Think ahead of time what you are going to give your family for breakfast that would be filling and nurishing. I usually opt for baking whole wheat fiber enriched muffins (with chocolate chips to get the kids to eat them).
  3. Fruits & Veggies: True they are healthy but most chances you’re not going to eat everything you buy, don’t buy for more than a week’s worth of consumption.
  4. Sodas: full of sugar and calories, plus they damage teeth so really the savings value is higher if you count it towards dentist bills.
  5. Bread: If the fancy bread you like is on sale, buy 2 and freeze one. If it’s not on sale try to find another one you can live with that is cheaper, trust me it’s not the end of the world.
  6. Frozen foods: pizzas – waste of money, they are not as good as pizzerias, though they are half the price. Learn to make pizza dough, it’s really not that hard, and chances it will be much healthier and filling. Frozen foods: vegetables. While there are some that you can only find frozen, fresh is usually cheaper. Buy only if on sale for really good savings. 
  7. Frozen foods: soy products – while they are convenient quick meals for the kids and as a snack, they really aren’t worth the price tag. Money saved: 34 NIS.
  8. Cheeses: skip the fancy cheeses and buy what you know you will need. Always good to buy extra pack and freeze in case of emergency. Sliced cheese is ALWAYS much cheaper behind the counter than on the aisle stands, same goes for cream cheese.
  9. Oatmeal: I found that oatmeal at health food/spice stores is much cheaper. At supermarket it sells for about 7 NIS for 500gr. At health food store sells for 7 for 1 kg.
  10. Cookies & Cakes: truth is that most of us could benefit not to consume these amazing comfort foods but if you’re already going to do it, opt for making one yourself. There are plenty of easy one bowl mixing recipes that can make several cakes for the price of one store bought one. 

So you see there are many ways you can save money that don’t require you to give up on your favorite snack or hop around from supermarket to supermarket to get the lowest price possible for each item.


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